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Childrens' Activities

2019 Programs


Kids in Kitchen-FULL


Home Alone Program 

Canadian Red Cross Babysitting Course

Children's Drumming


Active Sports Kids

Little League Soccer

Move N Groove Nights

To Register for Programs


All 2019 Program Registration & Payments via eServices


Click HERE to be directed to website!


In order to set up an eServices account, you will need a Security Key. 


For Town Residents, this can be found on the back of your Town utility bill (sewer/water). 


For Non-Residents, please email to get a security key or call 204-388-4600 for more info.

 Tot & Preschool Gymnastics

Spring 2019 Schedule

March 20th - June 5th

(No Classes May 1st & 2nd)

Drop-in Wednesdays 1:00-1:45 PM


Instructor: Amanda Pierson, NCCP Certified Gymnastics Coach


Must Pre-register for all programs

Registration Deadline March 13th


Tot Gymnastics (2 -3 1/2 years)

Wednesdays 11:00-11:45 AM 
Thursdays 5:00-5:45 PM
A fun filled class for toddlers and parents/caregivers focusing on physical development through games and learning basic gymnastics skills
$105 (11 week session)


Kinder Gymnastics (3 1/2 -5 years)

Wednesdays 12:00-12:45 PM
Wednesdays 2:00-2:45 PM -CANCELLED
Thursdays 6:00-6:45 PM
The preschoolers in this class will learn gymnastic skills and develop strength, balance and coordination
$105 (11 week session)

Super Kinder Gymnastics (4 - 6 years)

Thursdays, 7:00-8:00 PM -FULL
This advanced program introduces children to
fitness and the fundamentals of gymnastics
with emphasis on developing advanced skills,
form, technique and confidence. If registering
for this class the child must have previously
completed a kinder class in the 2017/2018
$140 (11 week session)



Date: Tuesday March 26

Time: 9:00-4:00 

Cost: $50/Child

Ages 9+

Location: South End of Arena

Home Alone Program

The Home Alone Program is designed to provide children of 9 years of age and older with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time. It will help them understand how to prevent problems, handle real-life situations, and keep them safe and constructively occupied.


The program focuses on small group discussions, problem solving, role-playing, and instructor-led demonstrations. The Student Reference Book is designed to allow the program participants to actively participate in class assignments. It provide a review of the program material, as well as additional information that will be of value to the students.

The Babysitting Course includes all the useful and reliable educational and safety information for pre-teens and teens. This course is a nationally recognized program designed to help participants develop self-assurance, knowledge, and the skills required for babysitting duties and when being alone at home.
Must be 11 years old or older
Please bring:
-Manual (students will receive their manual a the class)
-Pre-course assignment (will be emailed prior to the class start)
-Medium size doll (Don’t worry, there are extra dolls if you don’t have one)

Canadian Red Cross Babysitting Course



Wednesday March 27

Ages 11+

Time: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Cost: $50/Child

Location: Curling Rink Basement 


NEW Children's Drumming for FUN!


Ages 7-14 years


Are your kids looking for

something FUN to do??


Children’s Drumming is a fun class to get into the beat of music while drumming on exercise balls! It will get their bodies moving and heart rates up.






Preregistration Required


When:  Tuesdays, April 9-30

Time:  6:30-7:15 PM

Where:  South End of Arena

Cost:  $25 per child


Saturdays April 27-May 25

10:30-11:15 AM 

Cost: $90 

South End of Arena 


Suitable for babies who are newborn
to sitting unsupported


Our Lullanewborn class promotes early bonding with your baby and awakens their senses to new sounds, sights and gentle tactile experiences. Expect awestruck faces and coos in abundance.
In this class you’ll get a taste of twinkle music, soothing movements, fluffy textures, and magical bubbles designed to gently stimulate and delight your pre-mobile baby. We incorporate elements of infant massage into each session, allowing you and baby to connect and develop that new bond. They’ll be amazed by our colourful parachutes and embrace tummy time while exploring the themed sensory props. Lullanewborn classes allow you to enjoy a shared experience with your new baby while furthering their development at the same time - we like to think of it as multitasking at its finest!


Saturdays April 27-May 25

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Cost: $90 

South End of Arena 

Suitable for babies who are sitting
to taking their first steps
Lullababies is all about encouraging language acquisition and interactive play as your baby grows more aware of their surroundings. Each class will allow time for exploration and socialization with other babies. Expect awestruck faces and gazes of wonder from your little ones.
These sessions use upbeat music, gentle movement, special lighting effects, props, and exploratory play to stimulate and amuse your baby. We work on developing your baby’s vocabulary through repetition, music, and baby sign language. We encourage your baby’s natural curiosity and inquisitiveness through parallel play and introducing fun sensory props that you won’t find anywhere else. Each session ends with calming music and dim lighting, leaving you and your baby feeling relaxed, and all ready for that midday nap.


Saturdays, April 27-June 22

(no class May 18) 

Cost $105 (8 weeks)

South End of Arena 

Registration Deadline April 19

Sports Played

 Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis, Soccer, Football, Basketball and Track & Field 

Activate Sports 

Kids Sports Classes

Introduce your child to the world of sports through a fun, positive-affirming environment

Class #1 -- 4 to 6 years 

3:00-3:45 PM 

You're now ready for the big leagues! This class focusses on team work, learning more in-dept skills, and developing a keen sense of each sport. Every week, a new sport is introduced and each player has the chance to put their new skills to work in a game setting. This allows your child to gain an understanding of the basic movements in each sport. 


In this class, parental involvement and assistance is NOT required, but parents are welcome to join if they feel their child needs more assistance. 

Class #2 -- 18M to 3 years 

4:00-4:45 PM 

 This fun and interactive class lets toddlers and parents discover the world of sports in a play-oriented environment.
Through games, songs and exercises, toddlers have the opportunity to practice and develop their motor, physical and social skills.
They'll also have their first experience of being part of a team!
Each sport is played for one week allowing children to gain an understanding of the basic movements in each sports.  


In this class, parental involvement and assistance is required.

Move & Groove Night

This Common Ground & Niverville Recreation have created a physical activity opportunity for Children in & around Niverville who have physical, developmental or behavioural disabilities.


The first ½ hour will be an organized activity, suitable for a variety of skill levels/adapted abilities.
The second ½ hour will be movement through music, using family-friendly videos and lyrics. The final ½ hour will be a snack and socializing time, a chance to cool down and connect!

Kids in the Kitchen is FULL 

*Spring Break Kids in the Kitchen is still OPEN!

NEW for 2019!

All registration & payments will be done via eServices!

Pre-registration & payment is required for all programs VIA ESERVICES!!


Pay online via eServices! 


You will require a security key (found on back of utility bill or non-residents can email to receive one) to set up your account. 


Click HERE for the eServices website!

Refund and Cancellation Policy:


A minimum number of participants is required to hold classes. When registration is below the minimum amount required by the instructor, Niverville Recreation reserves the right to cancel the program with participants receiving full refund (less convenience fees) or credit. It is highly recommended that you pre-register as early as possible to avoid programs being cancelled due to lack of enrollment. All other refunds will have a minimum $10 processing charge per cancellation requested.


Refund requests must be completed prior to the registration deadline for the class. There will be NO refunds after the registration deadline. Classes cancelled for any reason will be made up at the end of the scheduled session.


*Pre-payment is required for ALL classes prior to the registration deadline date*
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