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04/22/2019, 12:45pm CDT
By Niverville Rec


Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Curling Rink Basement

Come out and try FOGA for free!

What’s Foga?... 

... It’s like Yoga, except these stretching routines don’t incorporate flow or balancing techniques. They’re practical and easy to do, and the class is designed to educate you about how your body is balanced, what role your muscles play in chronic pain, and will teach you simple every-day stretching exercises that will limber you up and ease your discomfort long-term! 

Demonstrating and enthusiastically guiding you through a series of full-body stretching techniques that can easily be modified to be sure they’re all done safely, Lisa Desaulniers RMT, is trained and fully capable of answering all your burning questions along the way!

Should you come, please wear something you can move freely in, and you will need your water, a yoga mat, a pillow for under your knees, and a small foot stool or yoga block to help stabilize you. If you don’t have a small foot stool, you can use a chair already provided, but they’re more awkward to move around. 

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